Sunday, 8 December 2013

Of wide leg pants...

Hey there!

Its the end of the weekend and the year almost...I am super excited about the coming week since I am travelling to Goa for a much deserved vacation!!! (Hurray!!)..

I am soo looking forward to the beaches, some quite time off, relaxing under the sun and just doing nothing except worry about where would we eat our next meal :)...aaaaahh! Its making me drool just thinking about it...
I promise to do a post on how it went and of things I get to buy there...I have already planned a visit to the very famous flea market and the Saturday night market...(wink...wink!) here is my quick post about this super hot new trend..wide leg pants... which I have been noticing quite a lot in stores and I know its kind of a hot fashion trend right now too..So I ordered this cool cheetah print pants from an online store and they are amazing! Firstly, because they costed me around 4 $ only (on sale, silly!) and secondly, they are wide leg pants..DUH!..super comfortable and they are oh so flowy and breezy!

Since there was so much busy print on the bottom, I kept the top toned down and accessories to a minimum. I love the way the outfit came together and which is why I went ahead and ordered a second pair of wide leg pants today :)

Hope your weekend went well...wish you a great week ahead!


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