Sunday, 17 November 2013

The geek brigade!

Hi guys...I have been missing from action since I don't know how long but I love these little visits I can manage to my blog...I absolutely love blogging but I love my regular job I am trying to walk the fine line of balancing both...but failing miserably...but noo problemooo...I will try and try and try till I succeed (or fail!).

Anyhooo.....I have been experimenting with my looks the past few weeks (or maybe months) and this is the most recent looky-look - a little geeky and nerdy, you might say, but its so me that it hurts! ....The denim button down is one of my recent shopping trip finds; its special because its got these lovely flowers on it around the middle...the pants are from Mango...I bought the enormous looking glasses from a new Forever 21 store that has opened nearby and I love, love, love them!
I like the effortless style of wearing a button down with jeans/pants and plain oxfords...There is a certain 'free as a bird' quality to the look that appeals to me...

Hope you like it,..and stay tuned for more (there will be more frequent posts, I promise, so bear with me!)..
Stay stylish and have a great week ladies!


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