Sunday, 24 November 2013

Of dresses and tights!

Hey girls..!

I am back to my blog once again and it feels like Heaven (yes, with a capital "H", cuz that's how good it feels!).

You might notice I have a slightly different hairdo so let me know what you think of that alongwith my outfit of the day! A simple dress with a long cardigan is a classic look for all you folks out there who are blessed with fall...not for us..we have perennial sunny weather in Mumbai yeah...I am not jealous at not at all..

I am wearing a light shrug kind of thing that's really long and in a lovely teal color. The dress is an old one but i just adore the way it fits...and nothing much but plain black tights and a pair of wedge heels to complete the look..Yeah..the tights did fetch me some weird looks from people but who cares when you feel like a fairy, right??!

Have a lovely week y'all!
Take care!



  1. Muy bonito el vestido!!

  2. amazing outfit, I really like the colours.

  3. Great outfit! Beautiful color combination!

    Best wishes!

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  4. nice color block look!
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  5. Very nice look!


Thank you for all your lovely comments!