Monday, 29 July 2013

Maxi skirts Part 2

Hey there!!

Yes, I know I have been dead for a loooong time guys and I am so sorry...its just that things have been crazy shit hectic and I haven't been able to do any posts even though I have been preparing for them...But it's still good:)

I have been shopping like a lunatic and have loads of stuff to show you...
But for today, I will only show you a couple of pictures of what I wore today...Indian summers are hot and the rainy days are humid and wet...and maxi skirts are a great comfort compared to skinny jeans or trousers so I have been stocking up on skirts in general...


The necklace is a gift from my lovely mother and so is the cropped top which she DIY'ed! Yeah, I know what you are thinking, awesomeness runs in my family...! Haha....seriously does:)

Have a great week loves...and cya around! XXO!