Friday, 5 April 2013

Of maxi skirts at great bargains!

Hey there and happy weekend!
I have been ignoring my blog so much lately that it feels super amazing to be back and doing a post again. I am still getting a lot of my projects and posts together (since I have to manage my day job which sadly takes most of my time..sob..sob) but I promise I will get the hang of this soon...

I recently purchased this awesome grey maxi skirt from of the coolest street markets ever! And you will not believe the price I paid for it...wait for it...wait for it.....2 dollars!
I thanked God for this awesome bargain and to show how thankful and lucky I felt to get this amazing piece at such a bargain - I have been practically wearing this everyday :)

My latest outfit with this piece is what this post is all about...please feel free to feel envious :)
Have a gorgeous weekend ladies


  1. I'm such a big fan of maxi skirts! Love this one!
    + Love your adorable bag!

    Have a great weekend ,

  2. Me encanta este lokk!

  3. 2 dollars...what a bargain. Great find. I totally understand with the full time Job, its quite hard to balance sometimes. Glad your back. Hollie x

  4. wow...what a bargain!

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