Sunday, 24 March 2013

Of white denim jackets and comfort...

Hey there! I know..I know! - I haven't been doing posts lately but that's because up to my head with work and these past few weeks have been terrible...oddly I feel great and not burned out yet :)

I bought this lovely white denim jacket when I was in Brazil and I have kept it locked away in my closet since I wasn't sure how or what to pair and style it with...
Well, today I thought I will give it a go and here's the outcome - a casual no-fuss Sunday look.

The shoes are my Indian handmade leather flats that I purchased from a market in north Punjab and I absolutely love them! They are comfort and style wise perfect for a day out when you might have to walk a lot...

I also finally got around to do the first few of my pinterest projects challenge - the leopard nails...they could be better but hey - practice makes perfect :D so I haven't lost all hope yet!

Have a great week ahead girls & stay happy!


Saturday, 9 March 2013

New in shopping & of being a woman...

Hey there!
Hope you had a wonderful Women's day yesterday!!

I know I did - we had a lovely celebration in office and then a few of the girls came over for a slumber party at my place!:D 
We all know how that ends - pedicures, nail paints, girly talks, gossip and tons of pizzas later, we were still giggling away to glory!
Slept at around 4 AM for only 1 hour and then got up and started all over again...Surprisingly, am not tired or feeling lazy because of the lack of sleep..maybe its all the feel good chemicals running through my blood that's keeping me going! The top 3 reasons why women live longer and age well according to me are (& no particular order) - gossip, shopping and pedicures:)

Anyways...I wanted to show you some quick pictures on my newest shopping favorite. This one has to be the best button down shirt I have ever owned! I luvh the bold bright flowers and the overall effect of the top is brilliant:)

Posts of my pinterest challenge to come soon --- so watch out dolls & have a great day ahead...
Stay loved.!XXO!


Monday, 4 March 2013

OOTD - girly twirly!

Haha, please pardon me for the cheesy title but thats all I can think of right now in this ridiculously pink ensemble. Don't get me wrong - I love pink but I do try and avoid looking like strawberry shortcake most of the time...!
This look, thus, must be an exception :)

I am wearing my newest acquisition - the pretty blouse in almost neon pink! I wish I could live in this all the time:)

Hope your day went lovely...and wishing you a very lovely week ahead girls!
Stay safe and loved!