Saturday, 2 February 2013

Of floral prints and stars...

Hey dolls! How have you all been...? Hope the year is going great for you and that all you lovelies are getting plenty of reasons to celebrate life!

I have not been able to do much blogging lately but I think my 'really-busy' phase is over (phew!!), so hopefully I can spend some time do more posts:)

Just wanted to leave you with some pictures of this lovely flowery printed top that I picked up at a recent sale and this really cute star necklace that my hubs gave me recently...

Watch out for more posts!


  1. I really like this outfit. Those flats have such an interesting colour!

  2. Hi dear, this is a perfect shirt for summer, you give me hope that summer will come soon.

    Wish you a relaxing weekend without stress and really enough time for you!


  3. Doesn't wearing florals make you happy?! I always feel better with a flower on me! ;-)


Thank you for all your lovely comments!