Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pink and prints...

Hey people!
I am back after a quick Diwali break and am heading off for a quite dinner with my hubby...thought of dressing up a bit and since I was going through all the effort, I also settled down to do a quick post on my look for the evening!

There's nothing like pink to make a girl feel lady-like - I feel instantly changed as soon as I have some pink on me - call it weird but that's the way it is! I walk more elegantly, carry myself in a more girlish way and feel utterly and absolutely prim and proper if you know what I mean..! 

So I paired this beautiful pink flowy button down blouse with a black sequined knee length skirt from H&M and black cap toe flats. 
The blouse is a gift from my Mom and I just love the color and the texture of the blouse. 
The clutch purse in the leopard print is a gift again and I love the gorgeous jeweled detail on the top! 
For me, this is the best way to introduce animal prints in your look without being OTT...! 
Have a great day! XO!


  1. This look is so cute! Lovely shirt!

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    1. Hey - Thanks so much! Love your blog!


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