Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Floral pop!

So today was a happy day! I got up feeling happy & nice & so I think my mood extended to my clothes as I found myself reaching out for all the bright pieces in my wardrobe!

Here's what I am wearing -

  • Ripped boyfriend jeans - Aeropostale (I think its going to be available in India soon too, but the fit is awesome!)
  • Floral blouse - local market in Delhi, I love the floral cum geometric print and the color! I bought it at a huge discount - there was only one size left and I got it for 4$!!! 
  • Yellow necklace - local market in Dharamshala
  • Golden belt and neutral flats - Bella, Brazil

And I am not sure how it is for you guys, but if I am wearing nice bright clothes, I feel happy and energetic all day! Talk about a win-win situation, huh?!


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  2. Hi Rosilene! Your blog looks interesting...!!


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