Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rock your denim jacket!

And here I am again ladies!
A little late again on the post but not soo much as last I don't hate myself (yet!)!!
I was looking through my closet in the morning and I found this old denim jacket that I used to love once upon a time!! Now its just another one of those things that I have worn so many times that it's kinda boooohhhhring now..

So I decided to revamp it a li' know...add some girly touches and stuff! All it took was some nice beads in different shapes and sizes...which I kinda just kept on adding to the can choose more colors but I decided to stick with white, silver and gold as the main colors...

Its an awesome thing to look at after the transformation - whatdya think!:P

I have some old pairs of jeans that I am going to transform next - wish me luck!

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