Saturday, 27 October 2012

Revamping your plain shirts! Simple DIY

Hey readers..

I recently went to Delhi and went (you guessed it!) shopping (shopping haul in a separate post!); I bought a ton of great stuff and one shirt just because I liked the color a lot and because I thought I could turn it into something nice!... The shirt is pretty plain otherwise as you can see from the picture below and it lacks the 2 things I look for in most shirts now...length (I like my shirts to cover atleast part of my backside:)) and atleast one unique feature - it can be anything, trust me, but it has to be different from all the other plain dark green shirts in the universe!
SO....I got started by cutting out the sleeves; they were originally the 3/4th kinda style...I have a kinda lukewarm liking to this sleeve length because it lacks the beautiful look that a full sleeved shirt has and the edginess that a half sleeved or an off-sleeved shirt all in all, if you are gifting me clothes - stay away from 3/4 sleeves! I stitched up the frayed sleeves, because I thought with this fabric a more simple structured look would much better. To add some details on the shirt, I picked up some dull gold metallic beads and added them to the collar.. I realized later that I could have done some shoulder detailing instead of the collar but yeah..I am not undoing what I have done after an evenings worth of work....Shoulder detailing for later; note to self - plan for one more shopping trip, and be impulsive!:D

And TADA! The shirt/jacket or whatever came out quite well. Here I have paired it with a black tank top, dark grey pants and orange wedges. I added some chunky bracelets and its a whole new life for my plain shirt! 
What do you guys think!??

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