Monday, 29 October 2012

Outfit of the day...

Hey readers...hope you had a Happy Monday!

I thought of doing an "outfit of the day" post today...I was going to a semi-formal meeting and I thought of pairing pink and off white together..

Pants: Black Denims from Mango ~ 21 $
Pink Shirt with silver detail at collar: Flea market, Goa, 4$
Off white shrug: Flea market, Goa, 6$
Neckpiece & earring: From a local shop in Delhi, 4$ total
Shoes: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi, 8$
Clutch bag:, 20$

I am currently exploring the trend of pale colors, and may soon venture to all white or all cream outfits as well...while I am afraid I will look washed out but I will post it here if I pull it off with elan! Till then, let me know what you think about the combination... Njoy, XO!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Revamping your plain shirts! Simple DIY

Hey readers..

I recently went to Delhi and went (you guessed it!) shopping (shopping haul in a separate post!); I bought a ton of great stuff and one shirt just because I liked the color a lot and because I thought I could turn it into something nice!... The shirt is pretty plain otherwise as you can see from the picture below and it lacks the 2 things I look for in most shirts now...length (I like my shirts to cover atleast part of my backside:)) and atleast one unique feature - it can be anything, trust me, but it has to be different from all the other plain dark green shirts in the universe!
SO....I got started by cutting out the sleeves; they were originally the 3/4th kinda style...I have a kinda lukewarm liking to this sleeve length because it lacks the beautiful look that a full sleeved shirt has and the edginess that a half sleeved or an off-sleeved shirt all in all, if you are gifting me clothes - stay away from 3/4 sleeves! I stitched up the frayed sleeves, because I thought with this fabric a more simple structured look would much better. To add some details on the shirt, I picked up some dull gold metallic beads and added them to the collar.. I realized later that I could have done some shoulder detailing instead of the collar but yeah..I am not undoing what I have done after an evenings worth of work....Shoulder detailing for later; note to self - plan for one more shopping trip, and be impulsive!:D

And TADA! The shirt/jacket or whatever came out quite well. Here I have paired it with a black tank top, dark grey pants and orange wedges. I added some chunky bracelets and its a whole new life for my plain shirt! 
What do you guys think!??

Shopping haul - Delhi delights:)

Good day to you readers...

This post is a short sweet one with a lot of pictures featuring my exploits from the New Delhi cheap&chic fashion market - Sarojini Nagar...

I went shopping with my mom and sissy and you know what that means -lots of great finds!

I bought a couple of tops and some jewellery - let me know what ya like best, eh!?

 Loved this white tank top with the sequined details! score:)

 And this chiffon tie-up shirt was superb too..and I could bargain and get it for 200 bucks (roughly 4$!) the flower prints on it

 Also found this great sequined digital+floral print shirt! I didn't have much stuff to begin with in green so I thought this was a nice addition to my wardrobe...

And some random accessories I picked up - bracelets, neckpieces and rings..luvvh them

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Simple jewellery organising tips

So girlies....Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I had an absolute fun weekend interspersed with some cleaning and organizing...I tried to make sense and order of my jewellery collection and this is how it turned out..

The credit for the idea goes to a friend (Thanks Carla!) and I am happy to say that its much easier for me to find things. I am still looking for some more stuff to organise my makeup drawer - I may end up doing a post on it once its complete..but for the time being..let me know what you think of this idea.! Would love to hear any suggestions... & PS: I am just a common girl so I have a small wooden wardrobe - no walk-in closets yet!

What I did:
1. So I bought these stick on hooks on which I hung my can personalise them by adding pictures and other stuff on them (one of my smiley faces fell off as you can see:P)

2. I sorted all my sleek belts and hung them on to one of the hooks as well..much easy to see them now...!

3. I bought one of these hangers from the local departmental stores (Hypercity, Ghodbunder road, Thane) and hung the rest of my stuff on them including the more chunky-ier of my neckpieces and the finger rings.

4. The fish-hook earrings I put in one of my shoe boxes that I lined with a sponge - much easier to hang them in there now...the studs will have a similar home soon :-)

Have a nice day and keep smiling!!! ^_^

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rock your denim jacket!

And here I am again ladies!
A little late again on the post but not soo much as last I don't hate myself (yet!)!!
I was looking through my closet in the morning and I found this old denim jacket that I used to love once upon a time!! Now its just another one of those things that I have worn so many times that it's kinda boooohhhhring now..

So I decided to revamp it a li' know...add some girly touches and stuff! All it took was some nice beads in different shapes and sizes...which I kinda just kept on adding to the can choose more colors but I decided to stick with white, silver and gold as the main colors...

Its an awesome thing to look at after the transformation - whatdya think!:P

I have some old pairs of jeans that I am going to transform next - wish me luck!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

DIY - the studded collar craze!


And as promised, here is the second DIY that I was wanting to rock since loooong!!! - the studded collar.

I have been seeing this on so many blogs and videos and obviously in stores that I decided to try it out myself....and here's what you will need if you want to try it out too...I made two versions - the detachable one and the one that's on the shirt itself...

For the detachable one..I started with an old shirt collar; i chose cream because I wanted one with dark sequins but you can chose any color (make sure its not printed though but one solid color). Cut it off along the length of the collar leaving enough margin so that you can sew it back in once you are done to make it more neat and tidy.
I got the black sequined laces from a local craft store for as little as 8 Rs/m  I chose to work with 2 different types but you can decide what you want - you can do it uniformly with one type of lace all over or you can chose a mix of different lace patterns and maybe similar hues like black and metallic gray.

Start your work on flat surface, make sure you use old newspapers underneath because it is messy when you are using glue - start out by laying your collar flat out and applying fabric glue in a straight line from the outer corner.

Start by sticking on the lace as explained & shown above. Once you have filled in the whole collar, let the piece dry for atleast 24 hours before you smoothen out the rough parts and stitch the extra fabric. And there you have it, your studded neckpiece is almost complete - all it needs is some setting time and final tucking in with a thread and a needle and its all set. I am just posting a pic of how mine looked after I was done - it needs to be worked on as I said:) but just for you to have an idea!

The other one is pretty simple - I started out with a plain white shirt on which I added the broad sequined lace - this one I directly sewed onto the shirt collar since it was broad and could hold the needle & thread. This is how it turned out - you can experiment with golden or silver or even multicolored sequins for your DIY!            

Happy crafting!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

It's taken some time...but here is my newest DIY series!

Hi there! I know I haven't been able to do a new post since long but I will try and keep up with atleast 1 post every 2 days:-)..

I recently got into the craze of doing DIY fix-it's and these are my newest creations ( I will be posting a couple of posts on them)! Let me know if you like them...!

This first one is my attempt at saving my favorite pair of flats. I bought these from a really expensive shop in Gurgaon, Haryana called Bella...the shoes even with a discount cost me 1500 INR two years back and I must have only worn them twice...
Now since I live in a place that has high humidity all year round, I guess my flats failed to adapt and the faux leather started peeling off at places and basically it became unwearable...I had almost made up my mind to throw it out when inspiration struck me:) and here I am doing a post about my attempts at resuscitating my dying shoes!!! Successful or not - I will let you guys decide:)

So this is how the pair looked before I got started - pretty pathetic I know...even now I think its an awful waste for a good shoe!
So to make them re-usable, I had to change the color obviously. If you have something similar, you  can chose the fabric color as per your liking but it always is better to match or keep the fabric color close to the color of the my case it was black so I chose to use a black lacy cloth (salvaged from an old shrug - also something I was planning to throw away!).

What you will need is a pair of scissors, some fabric glue and some thread in the some color as the fabric and a big sowing needle. The rest of the steps are below..

Once the glue sets a little, sow along the inner edges of the shoe to keep it in place. Use a big needle for best results and ease of maneuverability...I fashioned little black bows from the excess fabric that I cut off along the edges and voila!!!